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"No leader succeeds alone. That's why we each need a circle of leadership."

 - Leslie Grossman, Founder


What We Do

What We Do

Executive coaching for women executives and entrepreneurs. 


Leadership development  training, workshops and speaking engagements for organizations and corporations

Women’s leadership training for qualified coaches, consultants, managers, HR/DEI professionals who want to facilitate positive change and leadership development for  women leaders, women on the rise and entrepreneurs.

NexT Coach Training Cohort
Dates TBA
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Her Circle Leadership Purpose

We seek through every avenue available to us to empower coaches to have powerful leadership tools in their toolbox to impart to their clients, the community, groups,  organizations and women in their sphere of influence. 

Learn about our Women's Leadership Coaching Certification Program!

Leaders Start Here

It takes a village? No, it takes a circle.  It takes a solar system of  people, of tools, of constant questioning and evaluating, and trusted relationships as you head out on your chosen path, which is unlike any other. Our partners from all walks of business, bring their industry expertise, along with our tenets of leadership to ensure you have every single thing you need with you as you journey to success. 

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