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Why Her Circle Leadership?


We seek through every avenue available to us - coaching, training, speaking, facilitating, sponsoring, and communicating through all mediums -  to enlighten, transform and educate women, girls, men and coaches with powerful leadership tools as described in our 7 TENETS.



Executive coaching for women executives and entrepreneurs. 


Leadership development  training, workshops and speaking engagements for organizations and corporations

Women’s leadership training for qualified coaches, consultants, managers, HR/DEI professionals who want to facilitate positive change and leadership development for  women leaders, women on the rise and entrepreneurs.


If we had to put our mission into one short sentence, it would simply be to make sure that with each and every initiative we put forth, it would add to the sense of self women must have to be the best leader she can be. We have brought together a growing circle of leaders, who are well versed in the decades long tenets of Leadership Circles methodology, and added our assets to their individual approach to coaching and consulting. Together, we are adding to your foundation for leading with integrity, authenticity, and individuality to achieve your own vision of success. 


So, our mission is simply to provide women a circle of support  - in the form of wisdom and people - as they lead their own business trajectories with the end game parity for women in business. 


Her Circle Leadership envisions a world of equitable opportunity for all by ensuring that gender equity in all organizations is a given, not a goal.

 “The research is consistent. The more equality and equity that exists in a workplace, the more effective and profitable organizations are.” 

 ~ Leslie Grossman 


Back in the dark ages of the nineties, founder Leslie Grossman led a talented group of public relations professionals as she built her PR firm ... successfully. Clients included American Express, Revlon, IKEA and start up Internet companies in the big boom of the mid nineties, and more. As time passed, she developed her own tenets for leading a growing team, and she got active in organizations seeking to raise the bar for women's opportunities and abilities to succeed in a man's world. 


And, she knew that was her passion and her mission.


Over the following two decades and into the 2020's, Leslie developed her theories, became a leadership researcher, created a national conference program for women, successfully created circles of women lifting women, and consulted one on one as a coach to hundreds of women who seek their own brand of being a leader. "Leslie's voice  is in my head, but as a conversant, not as a bossy person who says do it her way. Through her training and supportive follow up initiatives, I have learned to lead by my own set of tenets, with her guidelines often part of the fiber of my own patterns. I am indebted and grateful to be part of the Leadership Circle. It challenges me and it guides me."


In 2020, during the thoughtful months of pandemic isolation, Leslie decided it was time to bring in the eager women in her leadership circle, expand the platform into a web-inspired organization, Her Circle Leadership, providing resources and education to women developing their own leadership styles, and expand to an even larger base.


You will find women in Her Circle Leadership who bring our tenets of leadership success to their own services, and you will find challenges and information and support through our ever growing circles ... our Inner Circle, our Coaching Circle and our Her Circles.  We have trainings,  meetings, and workshops, and podcasts and newsletters and coaching and consulting options that will teach you what we know, and give you support as you add it all to what you know ... and where you are headed. It takes a circle of women to build true parity in business. 

 “As women rise to higher leadership positions, inevitably there will be roadblocks. With the right tools, women can navigate around obstacles and reach their destinations.” 

 ~ Leslie Grossman 

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The Value of Having an Entourage : Leslie Grossman at TEDxStLouis

Learn about our Women’s Leadership Coach Certification Program!

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