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Anne Cutler

Certified Circle Leadership Coach
Coutney Spritzer
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I was thrown into leadership when I was in eighth grade, and immediately knew deep in my soul that I was meant to live my life through that lens.   When I look back over the last 50 years, I am humbled at where and how that view has carried me.  If I had to choose a descriptor for that role, it would be “pioneer”.

 As a female, I have achieved success in academics, athletics, business, community, and as a solo parent.   Truly it was not always easy, rather very challenging.   And I’ve learned to always be cool with challenge and adversity.   Because every step of the way I had, and will continue to have, people there to support me.  I had disciplined habits modeled and taught since I started preparing for sports competition at age three.  Most importantly, I never let go of a deep belief in myself.  

The key to my achievements has been balance – that sweet spot where my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual gears were spinning together with ease, without dissonance.   What I have managed to acquire in addition to my credentials is a vast network of people who I am lucky to call friends, and a toolbox chock full of well-honed power tools, ready to use as life continues to unfold.    

I suspect that if you are reading this, you also are looking for another way or a key.   My purpose in life now that I am a Modern Elder is to spend time giving back what I have to others like you.  We together can rummage through my toolbox and see what you may borrow, try out, or go out and acquire for yourself.  Essentially, I can help you find that key.   That key that is understanding and mastery of yourself. 

Allow me to walk by your side for a bit, as we honor each others’ possibilities for a wonder-filled and fulfilling life. 

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