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Her Circle Leadership Coaching

Women’s Leadership Coach Certification Program

Designed for qualified coaches, consultants, HR consultants, learning & development and talent management professionals  who want to impact the leadership and career development of WOMEN.

Next Coach Training Begins: TBA

According to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Coaches specializing in niche sectors will see more employment opportunities on average than coaches who don’t specialize. 
Thousands of Coaches have not differentiated themselves and therefore have not reached their income potential. One of the fastest growing segments of coaching is women’s leadership. Her Circle Leadership has identified the tools most often missing. Participating in this program will give you all the tools you need in your toolbox to help you become a leader in your field and the income that you deserve.

Why You Should Get Certified in the Women's Leadership Coaching Program from Her Circle Leadership......

This Certification will enable you to take your business, practice or role to the next level by:

  • Branding and distinguishing you as a women's leadership coach/consultant

  • Building your business by attracting and retaining more women clients to your practice

  • Giving you the content and confidence to speak with confidence about the challenges to and solutions for women in the workplace

  • Providing access to valuable content, advice, and insights for women so they can advance in their careers or grow their businesses

  • Coaching with the ‘right’ questions and exercises that propel the  transformation of  your women clients to achieve their vision and goals

  • Receiving more referrals from satisfied clients and people in your network 

Okay. So you are not a coach or consultant, but you are interested in women’s leadership and being a better mentor, workshop facilitator or sponsor……Well, this certification STILL benefits you and will make you a more insightful and relevant leader, and even help your own career.  This certification will support you by:

* Adding additional qualifications and expertise to your current role

* Becoming an expert in an important area of DI&E

* Building your brand as a leader who supports the growth of your organization’s employees

* Being a recognized source of attracting and retaining more top women at your company

* Becoming a workshop presenter within your company and to outside organizations

* Shaping your own career with leading edge credentials and knowledge

Program Overview

The program provides the latest knowledge, research, training, facilitation techniques and trends, to ensure that the women you work with have the best opportunity to succeed, and you’ll be recognized as a thought leader in women’s leadership. 


Content is based on the research of highly respected leadership experts, authors and thought leaders, as well as the writing, research and published content of Leslie Grossman, founder of Her Circle Leadership, author, speaker and sought-after executive coach.  Grossman is also faculty director and primary instructor of executive women’s leadership at The George Washington University Center for Excellence in Public Leadership, a division of the School of Professional Studies, and was a senior researcher for The Everest Project.

(Read Leslie’s bio here)

Program Description

While women leaders are being recognized for their outstanding leadership skills*, they continue to be held back by workplace challenges, such as gender bias, closed networks, power patterns, remote work, communications, multi-tasking, delegation and confidence issues. The Her Circle Leadership Women’s Leadership Coaching Certification program is designed for you to help women address these challenges and many others through solutions and positive actions.  The program content supports women to effectively navigate challenges and activate new leadership strategies to achieve their career and business goals. The content of this program has been adapted and updated into a ‘program for coaches to present’ from programs Leslie Grossman, Her Circle Leadership founder, has been successfully presenting to businesses – large and small, government agencies,  UN NGOs and universities, along with the latest research.

Upon completing the coaching program, certified leaders will have all they need to support women via one-to-one coaching and consulting practices, presenting workshops to women and men, and facilitating discussions, support circles and mas


Leslie Photo Presentation Emotional Intellingence Society.jpg

Program Content

The program content focuses on Her Circle Leadership’s Foundation Tenets of Highly Successful Women Leaders: 


  • Vision 

  • Communication 

  • Leadership Presence 

  • Mindset 

  • Relationship Building 

  • Courage and 

  • Confidence 

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 “The world changes for the better when women take the reins,  harness their confidence and speak up freely and courageously.” 

 ~ Leslie Grossman at The United Nations , NYC 

Four Week Virtual Women’s Leadership Coaching Certification Program

Every week you will focus on one to two of the 7 Tenets of Effective Women Leaders including overcoming the challenges and limiting beliefs women face related to that tenet. 

In a live 2-hour-session led by Leslie Grossman, you’ll receive valuable content, instruction, and discussions with an additional 2-hour session of discussion and practice coaching weekly. 

Total: 4 hours per week Active Participation and 30-60 minutes of content to read or view on your own.

Each week:

•  Live on Zoom one-hour presentation on specific leadership tenets and women’s leadership challenges & opportunities with Leslie Grossman, women's leadership executive coach and Her Circle Leadership founder 


•  Consecutive one-hour Live Discussion of the tenets and challenges faced by women as entrepreneurs and executives led by Leslie 

 • Explore on-demand content with readings, podcasts/videos to watch throughout the 6 - week program

• Participate each week in a LIVE on Zoom 2 hour coaching practice session on 1-2-1 coaching and facilitating groups, etc.​

PLUS following your Certification, you will be able to participate in:


• Additional break-out practice sessions to bring your training into real-life situations.


• Ongoing monthly Circle gatherings with your cohort to continue to learn and gain insights including from guest speakers and Her Circle Inner Circle Members  


•  Your bio and photo, blogs and podcasts featured on the Her Circle Leadership website, in our newsletter and promoted through social media.


•  Receive referrals of clients through the Her Circle Leadership Referral Network.

Agenda  – 4  Week Program

Week 1 – The State of Women as Leaders/Creating a Vision & Goals

Week 2 – Leadership Presence and Mindset

Week 3 – Effective Communication & Relationship Building

Week 4 – Courage and Confidence

Post-Certification: Monthly Circle Meetings for Certified Coaches

Certification/Training Fee: $1997 USD

Next Coach Training Begins: TBA

Elective 1: Men and Women Together - Courageous Conversations 

(Available only to Certified Her Circle Leadership Coaches)

Fee: $99 USD


Elective 2: The Consciously Inclusive Leader; Becoming a Thought Leader

(Available only to Certified Her Circle Leadership Coaches)

Fee: $99 USD

To register for one of the elective workshop, email Leslie Grossman

CSW Teaching.jpg

 “When women address their unique communication challenges with a  coach trained in women’s leadership, they discover the  solutions for the barriers they face.” 

~ Leslie Grossman 

After You are Certified with the Her Circle Leadership Women's Leadership Coaching Program

• You will be certified as a Her Circle Leadership Women’s Leadership Coach and will receive a Certificate

• You will be featured with your photo and bio on the Her Circle Leadership website as a Certified Coach with your contact information and will be designated as a member of the Coaches Inner Circle

•  You will be automatically enrolled in monthly zoom calls with Leslie Grossman, who will offer you individual support to delivering the content to your clients, individually or in groups, as well as growing your practice.

 • As a Founding Member you will have access to many resources unavailable to others at no additional cost to you.

If your goal is to bring more value to your female clients and the women leaders in your organization or community, certification will enable you to become a conduit to transformation, impacting their success as leaders in corporations, non-profits or in their own businesses. The certification will also distinguish you and enable you to deliver coaching and programs not accessible to the many.


Our FREE gifts for you as a member of our Founding  Cohort of certified women's leadership coaches:


+ You will be invited to become a part of the Her Circle Leadership Referral Network to women leaders and companies searching for a women’s leadership coach, consultant or trainer.


+ As an Inner Circle member, we will feature your content – blogs or videos – in the Her Circle Leadership newsletter and in social media – and post it on our website. 


+You will also be able to take additional courses offered by our experts to add to your knowledge base at a reduced fee. 

* Women were rated more positively than men on 13 of 19 leadership competencies in assessment evaluating 60,000 managers, as reported by Zenger/Folkman in HBR 12/30/20.

Next Coach Training Begins: February, 2024

Not sure if this program is right for you? Contact Leslie Grossman to schedule a call. 

Not interested in the certification at this time,

but you are passionate about learning more about women’s leadership and the trends happening… 

Stay in touch us for announcements, articles and up-to-date opportunities through our newsletters, podcasts releases, blogposts from our Inner Circle and events

by signing up here.

Her Circle Leadership Certified Coaches

Her Circle Leadership Certified Coaches have completed our program and are practiced in coaching and guiding women in the  7 tenets of leadership. They bring the tenets to their own coaching, consulting or training philosophy and style providing women and organizations with  many options for transformational development and growth opportunities.

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