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Christine Merser

Inner Circle
Christine Merser
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When Christine went back to work after having a child and getting a divorce, she knew she couldn’t go back to a management position at a large corporation; she needed flexibility to nurture her four-year-old. she started Blue Shoe Content, which, some 30-odd years later, has quite a herstory.


The Blue Shoe team built the first Olympics website for IBM. They assisted bringing to market many innovative products and services, and used the internet and social media to their best advantage to do so. This included Barack Obama’s 2008 social media fundraising campaign, the first luxury goods website, and more. Christine even hired Leslie Grossman’s PR firm to launch Best Selections’ e-commerce platform before e-commerce became the new shopping mall. She and Leslie speak weekly to go over things they are thinking of doing; they are in each other’s inner circle. 


Christine supports women’s organizations both independently and through her company, and she knows it makes her better at what she does and who she is. “I am a leader, and I feel I lead myself as I gather with women and we support each other. It’s a circle for me that goes round and round and never ends. I am grateful for it.”


Christine podcasts weekly on Screen Thoughts, reviewing films and television shows from a female perspective. She leads a marketing group for Women in Film, that amusingly enough is called the Women in Film Marketing Circle. She founded Women in Backgammon, a group which she supports personally and through Blue Shoe. (Did you know that only about 12% of competitive backgammon players are women? Don’t get her started!) She hosts a weekly podcast, Ladies Who Launch, in which she interviews women who may not be on the front page of the New York Times, but who are doing exceptional things that make for an interesting hour. She lives in Maine and New York City and continues to write via her Substack channel and speak on all things her.  

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