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We feel confident as an outcome of embracing six of the Circle Leadership Tenets: 

Vision, Communication, Presence, Mindset, Relationship Building, and Courage.  When you incorporate them into your life, confidence comes with ease.   You know where you are going. You are in motion to reach your vision through conversations with your many trusted relationships.  You are not afraid to fail, because you are clear that you are learning from each experience and even from your mistakes.  You carry yourself with clarity, warmth and understanding of others as well as yourself and so you are perceived as a leader.   You feel confident because you believe that most things happen for a reason to be revealed sometime in the future.


Embrace the Tenets of Circle Leadership for yourself. Learn them by participating in the program.  Share your new found knowledge and skills with everyone you know, especially with women who are on their journey, so many of them have a vision to make positive change in the world. ---Leslie Grossman, Founder

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