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Courageous Conversations Workshop

led by Her Circle Leadership Certified Coaches
Charlie Palumbo & Lauren Supina

Courageous Conversations will leave you with tried and true strategies for assessing and providing your best communication around those conversations that need to be had, but that often come from a place of discomfort. You know those conversations. The ones that you avoid until you can't anymore, or the timing has passed the point of the best outcome possible.

"Stemming from the 'courage' tenet of Her Circle Leadership, Courageous Conversations hones in on those conversations that are instrumental in success, but not always easy to have or even plan. Charlie and Lauren have dug deep into courage and come away with an incredible array of options for finding courage within. We are so excited to support the launch of this program under our

Her Circle Leadership umbrella."


- Leslie Grossman, Founder, Her Circle Leadership

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Our Courageous Conversations Workshop found its genesis during and following the pandemic. Women in the workforce are grappling with inequities in their work - quiet quitting, layoffs, burnout, remote work challenges, balancing personal and professional lives, lack of facetime with the C-Suite, to name just a few. Having the kind of conversations needed to change the status quo in this post-pandemic environment is critical to women's success and continued

growth in the workplace.

What you will leave the program endowed with ...

  • Clarity in creating your vision;

  • Courage and conviction to ensure you show up ready to give your best presentation;

  • Confidence strategies for presenting your best self;

  • Direction for creating a roadmap to getting your case heard - and more importantly, embraced.

Just a few of the tools our program provides to set you apart ...

You will have a newfound ability to... 

  • navigate conflict and tough situations

  • Challenges dealing with a remote workforce

  • A network of peers to support their professional growth & transformation

  • Strengthen the leadership team

  • Develop leaders who inspire and encourage courageous conversations

  • Strategic thinking that directly affects the company's bottom line 

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 “The world changes for the better when women take the reins,  harness their confidence and speak up freely and courageously.” 

 ~ Leslie Grossman at The United Nations , NYC 

Program Agenda


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 “When women address their unique communication challenges with a  coach trained in women’s leadership, they discover the  solutions for the barriers they face.” 

~ Leslie Grossman 


Meet the Courageous Conversation Leaders
HCL Certified Coaches Charlie Palumbo & Lauren Supina

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Charlie M. Palumbo

Certified Circle Leadership Coach

Charlie M. Palumbo is Chief Executive Officer of  Intentional Leaders LLC, a professional services company focusing on leadership development and consulting. Her vision is to inspire a personal commitment to the genuine quest for truth, self-love, and compassion in all the world's leaders. Before starting her company, she was a program manager for the Amazon Last Mile Delivery Service Partner (DSP) and led national partnerships. 


She assisted hundreds of candidates considering or launching small businesses in partnership with Amazon.


Additionally, she held the Director of Transition and Employment Programs at the Virginia Department of Veterans Services (DVS), where she served as the primary lead in developing and overseeing the creation of transition and employment programs. These programs created opportunities and pathways for employment for veterans and their spouses. 


Before DVS, Mrs. Palumbo spent three years at the Virginia Employment Commission as the Veteran Program Manager, overseeing the Bridge to Employment Program and the Jobs for Veterans Program. She also worked for several years at the Office of Personnel Management as a Program Coordinator at the Federal Executive Institute. She spent four years in the Navy stationed in Yokosuka, Japan, and then accompanied her husband as a military spouse for a four-year tour in Naples, Italy. 


Mrs. Palumbo is a mom of two boys, poet, published author, sunset chaser, and loves to hike. 


Great Companies Great Leaders Interview


Lauren Supina

Certified Circle Leadership Coach

Lauren Supina is the founder of Wide Lens Coaching and Consulting.  She works with individuals, organizations and companies interested in moving out of their comfort zone to build skills and confidence for transformational change.


Drawing on her experience working with and engaging a full spectrum of governmental and non- governmental entities – international NGOs, the White House, Fortune 500 companies, foundations, and private consulting – Lauren has been committed to women’s leadership and creating strong teams by guiding individuals through career changes. 

She has served as Chief Strategy Officer and SVP of for both non-profits and private sector firms.


Lauren was appointed by President Bill Clinton to head up the Office of Women's Outreach and Initiatives at the White House.  Through this position, she built support for the Administration’s policies and agenda with national and international women’s organizations – providing her with substantial expertise in DEI and a solid understanding of the opportunities and challenges faced by women in the workforce, and in particular women in leadership positions.


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