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Dr. Daniela Silitra

Inner Circle
Dr. Sheila Brooks
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Dr. Silitra is an experienced leader focused on collaboration and team building. She offers over 25+ blended years’ experience in academia, public and private sector working in various roles as management, financial, budget, cost, risk analyst and respective management positions.


Her vision is guiding others to find their authentic self to thrive in a complex and overwhelming world.


As a first-generation immigrant, Dr. Silitra is an active advocate for professional women across the globe. She is currently serving as the chairwoman for the Women’s Business Resource Group, where she focuses on bridging cultural, generational, and educational gaps. 


She holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management, Master of Science degree in Management Information System (MIS), and Doctorate also under the MIS spectrum, more specifically Decision Support Systems, the precursor of what nowadays is known as Business Analytics “ from Al I Cuza” University, Iassy, Romania. In addition, she holds another Master of Science in Accounting and Information Technology from Univ. of Maryland University College, Adelphi, MD.

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