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Deanna Brown

Certified Circle Leadership Coach
Coutney Spritzer

​My vision is a world where business has a genuine commitment for the people served. In a society where we have unprecedented connection at the speed of light, it's more crucial than ever to embed the traditions and values that still serve well. Honesty. Dedication. Follow-through. Doing the homework and knowing the territory. These never go out of style. Reaching for excellence through fresh ideas, agile energy.


My purpose? Inspiring others to succeed. Creating innovative solutions that add value to the world around us. Lifting each other to new levels of "better". It's how life should be lived and business conducted. With a background in foundational business growth, leadership and culture development, business development and sales, strategic consulting and team building, I've focused those skills within organizations that grew from the first dedicated handful of professionals to highly profitable organizations serving and supporting hundreds of team members.


From the groundwork of needs and ideas, to the nitty-gritty of the processes to move everyone forward, I've been there creating strategies, solutions, unifying teams and the vision that drives it all.

Video: "It All Starts With Vision"

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