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Lauren Supina

Certified Circle Leadership Coach
Coutney Spritzer

Lauren Supina is the founder of Wide Lens Coaching and Consulting.  She works with individuals, organizations and companies interested in moving out of their comfort zone to build skills and confidence for transformational change.


Drawing on her experience working with and engaging a full spectrum of governmental and non- governmental entities – international NGOs, the White House, Fortune 500 companies, foundations, and private consulting – Lauren has been committed to women’s leadership and creating strong teams by guiding individuals through career changes. 

She has served as Chief Strategy Officer and SVP of for both non-profits and private sector firms.


Lauren was appointed by President Bill Clinton to head up the Office of Women's Outreach and Initiatives at the White House.  Through this position, she built support for the Administration’s policies and agenda with national and international women’s organizations – providing her with substantial expertise in DEI and a solid understanding of the opportunities and challenges faced by women in the workforce, and in particular women in leadership positions.


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