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Margareta Kull

Inner Circle
Christine Merser
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“From highest vision to bottom line, from individuals to businesses

to the whole planet – one thing has the potential to drive prosperity and well-being for all: Courage.”

Margareta Kull is an international public speaker, trainer, executive coach and writer challenging executives, managers and leaders to grow their courage. Over the years she has trained leaders from over 15 countries to become courageous leaders who make courageous decisions - for the benefit of both their organisation and the planet. 


Margareta is the CEO and founder (1995) of Kull Leadership AB. The company’s team of trainers, coaches and inspirers challenge and train leaders in multinational corporations, and the public sector, within a wide range of industries, such as construction, medical, consulting and IT.


Margareta encourages us to look at how urgent courage is as a global issue, as an organisational issue as well as an individual one. Her first book, “Courageous Leader: Increase Your Impact by Facing Your Fears” will be published later this fall. It is essential reading for everyone committed to driving any positive sustainable change.


Margareta’s own management background is in the financial, global telecommunications industry and international advertising agencies. She graduated with an MSC in Business, Economics, Marketing and Finance from Gothenburg University in Sweden.


A divorced mother of three courageous young women, Margareta walks the talk and practices what she preaches. She has two remaining ambitions: 

1) to leave the world a better place, and 

2) to die knowing she’s lived the life she truly wanted to live. 

One thing connects both, and yes, of course – it’s courage.

Connect with Margareta at:

YouTube: Margareta Kull

15 on Friday Podcast: Courage in Leadership

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