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Peter Hermann

Certified Circle Leadership Coach
Coutney Spritzer
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I Help Women and Men Resolve Career and Personal Challenges as They Seek Positive Change in Their Lives. I am a Coach / Mentor / Strategist / Guide.


Helping people live their my purpose. I’m an experienced Career and Life Coach with a diverse background in counseling, group leadership, personal growth coaching, and business communications.

I was the director of a youth counseling program for five years before taking my people and communications skills to a 30+year career in sales and marketing. I know business projects, and people management from real-life experience.

For over 12 years I was a highly trained volunteer counselor providing services to people who otherwise could not access counseling. Then I became an instructor / supervisor of a powerful community-based domestic violence program for court-ordered men. I am dedicated to social justice and community organizing focused on deconstructing racism and stopping male violence against women and girls. 

The combination of my experience as a highly trained community counselor and instructor, running a youth counseling center, a father of two grown sons, a husband of 47+ years and my corporate marketing career all provide the rich career and life experience I bring to my break/through career and life coaching practice.


My Vision:


I stand for Equality and Justice for ALL…with No Exceptions.


I am transforming the world so that people see and treat ALL Children like they ARE OUR CHILDREN.


My Purpose / Mission:


I am helping people Discover and LIVE their Life Purpose.

I provide guidance for people seeking positive change to Live the Life They LOVE.


I collaborate with other coaches, leaders, educators, and trainers to provide engaging, transformational group workshops and seminars leading participants to transform their lives, families, organizations, communities…and the WORLD to generate Equality and Justice for All…with No Exceptions.


I am an experienced speaker, presenter, co-facilitator and podcast / panel participant.

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