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Leslie Grossman & Christine Merser Talk the Strongest Women Leaders Of 2022

Leslie Grossman and Christine Merser share their picks for the Women Leaders of 2022, with a few surprises.


Leslie's choices for Women Leaders of 2022 were all agents for positive changes: Allyson Felix, the most decorated runner in US history, was a bold voice, one which led to protections for pregnant female athletes in the world of corporate sponsorships; the late Frances Hesselbein, whose career began by transforming the Girl Scouts USA into a modern, diverse, organization, and became one of most respected leadership experts in the world; and Nancy Pelosi, the first and only female speaker of the House, who stood for unpopular causes and enacted legislation supporting the well being and diversity of Americans.


Christine went back in time to Hillary Clinton, who was never on her favorites list until now. Her reasoning is interesting and challenging. Next up is Heather Cox Richardson, the historian leading the country through these dark times with perspective around what’s happening in the political news and what its historical context might be. And, her last choice, is the First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelensky, who risks it all each day to project the soul of the nation fighting for their right to exist.  Correction: Christine, mistakenly, said Pelosi was not on list for the leaders this year. She was on the Forbes list as 25 on the Forbes 100 women list.

Cassidy Hutchinson & the Seven Tenets of Women Leaders

Cassidy Hutchinson, the woman who stunned the nation earlier this week with the information she shared about that day in infamy, January 6, 2021, was also stellar in the way she told her story. Leslie Grossman walks through why and how she made such an impact. She has all the tenets that are taught in the Her Circle Leadership program.

The New Leadership Coaching Program from Leslie Grossman

After years of providing one on one and group programs for women’s leadership across the country, Leslie is moving to providing business coaches with her tool box for success for women’s parity and confidence in gaining access to their leader roles. You will not want to miss some of the tools, and the establishment of the need to provide these tools for all coaches to use as they assist women grow.

15 on Leadership: Courage in Leadership

Courage is under fire in Ukraine. Margareta Kull, founder of Kull Leadership in Sweden and author of the new book, The Courageous Leader, dissects the internal thought process of the most courageous leaders and how Ukraine's President Zelensky exhibits it, and inspires his followers - the Ukrainian People - to also show amazing courage

The Inner Circle's Cary Broussard Invites Her Circle Leadership Founder Leslie Grossman & Other DE&I Laders to MLK Day Panel 

Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 8.21.51 PM.png

Our C2CEO panelists had a lively MLK discussion to bring people together and work toward a more just world.

Leslie Grossman & Christine Merser Talk the Strongest Women Leaders Of 2021

Leslie Grossman, founder of Her Circle Leadership, and Christine Merser, Leader of Blue Shoe, each show up at the Circle Leadership table with three picks for the strongest Women Leaders of 2021. You may be surprised at their picks with some controversy, too. Don’t miss this podcast to hear how the women chosen show the leadership qualities of vision, courage, focus, collaboration and communication. Who are your picks? And why did you pick them. We’d love to know and we may highlight them, too!

Leslie Grossman Chats with Deb Boulanger on Life After Corporate Podcast

Screen Shot 2021-12-28 at 4.25.15 PM.png

Life After Corporate podcast host, Entrepreneur Growth Coach Extraordinaire Deb Boulanger invited me to talk about how Mindset makes a difference when you lead your own business or want to take control of your career.

Leslie Grossman Chats with Stephanie Cartin & Courtney Spritzer

Circle Leadership launches our podcast series with Inner Circle members Stephanie Cartin and Courtney Spritzer, partners & creators of Entreprenista League and Socialfly.

15 on Leadership: Join Biz Organizations

Part 3 of the 3 Part Series: Join Biz Organizations

Activate your leadership with 2 organizations where you can connect, grow your Circle, contribute and learn! Join and get active!

15 on Leadership: Relationship Building

Part 2 of the 3 Part Series: 3 Actions to Boost Your Career or Business


Action 2: Build one relationship each week for the next 6 weeks.

No one succeeds alone. Listen to this podcast for a strategy sure to
grow your Circle of Influence.

15 on Leadership: Gold Medal Leadership 

Want to achieve your goals? Listen in for 15 brief minutes, and learn the actions Allyson Felix took to become the most decorated track and field athlete in Olympic history.

15 on Leadership: LinkedIn

Part 1 of a Series: "3 Actions to Take now to Boost Your Career or Business"

Action 1: Brand YOU with LinkedIn

Your LinkedIn profile is your Personal Billboard! Listen in and learn from Leslie and Christine how to make LinkedIn your most accessible marketing tool!

15 on Leadership: Pause

Most of us move so fast, we don't realize that power comes from taking a PAUSE: ie. pausing in a conversation before we respond to another person's comments; pausing to think before reacting to bad news or circumstances we can't control. Listen in to learn more about the Power of Pause.

15 on Leadership: Effective Communications: Powerful Conversations

Tenet #3 for becoming a great leader is effective communications. There's so much to talk about here. We'll start this week with Action #1 - "initiate powerful conversations." Listen and you will possess a critical tool - powerful questions. Ask them and watch your relationships soar.

15 on Leadership: Project Confidence on Zoom

Want to look and sound like a leader on Zoom or your favorite video conference platform? Leslie shares several easy actions we each can take to communicate executive presence and upgrade our effectiveness at meetings. Learn more about executive presence by watching Presence Guru Amy Cuddy TED Talk or read Cuddy's insightful book Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges It's in my library!

15 on Leadership: Identify Your Vision

Today's 15 minute podcast is for everyone who wants to define success on their own terms. Listen in and hear why and how identifying your personal vision will get you what you want in your career and in your life. Don't miss it!

15 on Leadership: The (Un)Apologetic Leader

Leslie and Christine talk about why most women apologize so frequently. How does it impact our confidence? How do we stop apologizing and become unapologetic leaders?

Listen to our podcast to learn all of the above and then check out this helpful tool - Just Not Sorry!

 ~ Leslie Grossman 

Leslie and Christine discuss 4 new habits women need to adopt to get promoted earlier and more often. Habit 1: Speak up and ask open ended questions to decision makers.

For example: What do you need to see me do more of to be promoted to...(name of role).

Listen in for more tips and questions to ask to move forward fast!

15 on Leadership: Women and Courage

Don't miss this defining discussion around courageous women, not the kind of courage like jumping from a plane, but rather the courageous moments of going outside the safety of life without fear

15 on Leadership: HBR on Gender Traits in Biz

Leslie Grossman highlights the Harvard Business Review Report on Women VS Men as leaders in the workplace. Mind-boggling. Who knew that women score higher than men in inspiration? Don't miss Leslie's 15 on Friday, where every Friday you get a basket of info that will make you think about options and the tools in your leadership toolbox.

Harvard Business Review Articles:


During Pandemic:…deliveryName=DM112551

15 on Leadership: Glass Cliff; The New Glass Ceiling

The glass cliff, where women are given CEO positions because the likelihood of success is slim to none, is worth exploring. Fifteen minutes will give you the overview.

15 on Leadership ... As a leadership coach, advisor and instructor of executive women's leadership at George Washington University, there's so much I want to share with women all over the world. So what I'm doing is giving you 15 minutes worth of ideas and actions to solve the most current leadership challenges women face. Join me and Christine Merser, Blue Shoe Content's leader, every Friday for new insights. - Leslie Grossman

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