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Her Circle Leadership Hints - Honoring Tina Turner

The Late Tina Turner - the "Queen of Rock & Roll" - will never be forgotten. We can learn so much from her remarkable life.

Today, I wanted to honor Tina Turner's legacy by thinking about the extraordinary qualities

of Tina Turner that lie within each of us.

Women are Courageous.

Tina Turner left an abusive marriage and a musical career for freedom and peace of mind without a dollar in her pocket.

Women have Vision.

Tina rebooted her career after 7 years of poverty and debt to become a Grammy Award winner and legacy as the Queen of Rock & Roll.

Women have Presence

She created an icon of energy, beauty and talent on the stage, even

when she had bad days.

When we unleash our vision, our courage and our presence we become resilient and can trust that the best is yet ahead.

--Leslie Grossman, Founder, Her Circle Leadership


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