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Her Circle Leadership Newsletter - August

Featured Blog Post from Leslie Grossman

Make August Your Month of Resilience

Never give up.

We’ve all been there.

Things may look bleak.

Don’t give up.

You are working so hard. It seems like it will never get better.

Don’t believe it.

You read the news and are depressed and fearful.

It will get better.

We will get through this…together.

You have survived in the past…even thrived.

Remind yourself.

Past experiences were difficult, some seemed never-ending, even heart-wrenching.

You recovered.

We teach our children: When you fall down, pick yourself up and try again.

Remind yourself and practice this every day.

Sometimes we fall down…when we do..

Take a long, deep breath, and

Take positive actions to turn your challenges around…

This is called resilience.

We all can be resilient!

--Leslie Grossman, Founder, Her Circle Leadership

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Make Resilience Your Superpower by Jessica Switzman

Jessica Switzman, MSN, CRNA, a leading nurse anesthesiologist, (my cousin), speaker and trainer on resilience reprinted from “Nurses Anesthesiology” this month.

"We cannot escape stress, but we can build tools to prevent burnout and become physically, mentally, and spiritually healthier. Take a moment to examine how you cope when frustrated, angry, and/ or nervous." Read on here.

Lesson Between a Rock and a Hard Place with Jan Nolte Jan Nolte, Her Circle Leadership Inner Circle Member and top Communications coach, shares her vacation insight on perspective.

Charlie Palumbo, Certified Coach of the Her Circle Leadership Coaching Program, is interviewed about her journey on Great Companies Great Leaders podcast with Christine Gannon.

Meet the First Cohort of Outstanding Certified Women's Leadership Coaches

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The next Coaching Certificate Cohort begins October 25th. For more information and to register, click here.


Upcoming Events

October 19 - October 21, 2022

Whatever the organizational climate, key actions and behaviors learned in this program will create better leaders:

  1. Leading with vision and purpose

  2. Building trusted relationships and influential networks

  3. Language, voice, and leadership presence

  4. Powerful conversations to build trust and ensure accountability and engagement

  5. Negotiate with skill and ease

  6. The mindfulness of confidence

  7. The courage to lead, speak up and be heard

Participants will have the opportunity to network and build community with guest speakers and participating women leaders throughout the three days.

Her Circle Leadership Founder Leslie Grossman Leads the Her Circle Leadership Certificate Program - Fall Cohort Learn more about the Her Circle Leadership Coaching Certification program here.

Begins October 24th

November 9th and 10th

Women Leaders on the Rise is a 2-day inaugural program, specifically designed for first-time women managers and women who have the aptitude and interest in taking on management roles. The experience supports women in developing leadership and management skills to enable career success, while addressing obstacles they may face early in their careers.


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