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Her Circle Leadership Newsletter - May

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Women Leaders of Mexico vs. USA

On the way to the airport after a family vacation in Mexico, my husband noticed colorful billboards displaying a bold photo of a woman running for Governor of Quintana Roo. In a humorous tone, he said, "Leslie, you didn't tell me you are running for Governor here!" He was referring to the billboard featuring Leslie Hendricks, a candidate for Governor of Quintano Roo, MX.

As we continued down the highway, we noticed multiple billboards featuring Leslie and two other women candidates for Governor: Laura Fernandez and Mara Lezama. Wow! I was overcome with excitement of this woman leader trilogy.

Turns out that Mexico is not only a great country for vacations. Mexico is a great country for gender equity.

Did you know that 50% of Mexico's Congress is female? In the USA it's only 27%. In Mexico gender equity is the LAW -- thanks to ambitious 2019 constitutional reform in which Mexico seeks “parity in everything” — giving women an equal shot at top jobs in the legislative, judicial and executive branches.

This Cinco de Mayo, women in Mexico have a great reason to celebrate! Olé!

How do we catch up with Mexico?

Coaching Women Makes All the Difference

Without gender equity around the corner, here's the thing that makes a difference in moving more women up - And that's coaching and training. Women who are coached through the challenges they face in speaking up, imposter syndrome, self-limiting beliefs, responding to systemic bias or delaying their dreams because they feel "they're not ready, can be countered by effective women's leadership coaching and training.

Coaches can do well financially by learning the ropes of women’s Leadership coaching and training, according to the International Coaching Federation. ICF estimates there are 17,500 coaches in the US. (I believe there are many more.) Most of them have an average annual income ranging from $27,100 to $73,100. But ICF says, specialty coaches can make much more, well over $100,000 annually. Her Circle Leadership is one of the rare organizations offering a certificate in Women’s Leadership Coaching to coaches, consultants, trainers and HR managers. Read all about it at with the details of the program, which begins May 24th.  Review this right away because there are only 3 spots left in this program. Listen to the 13 minute podcast, for more about the Her Circle Leadership Coaching program. If you are not a coach, pay it forward by sharing the program with coaches you know. (If you want to learn more or be coached by one of our certified coaches, send an email to me at

--Leslie Grossman, Founder, Her Circle Leadership Faculty Director, Executive Women’s Leadership, The George Washington University, Center for Excellence in Public Leadership


Upcoming Events

Her Circle Leadership Founder Leslie Grossman Leads the Her Circle Leadership Certificate Program ONLY A FEW SPOTS LEFT!

Begins May 24th - APPLY HERE

Inner Circle Member Deb Boulanger is running a FREE five day event for coaches and consultants, "Reliable Revenue Secrets."

Ready to add $50K+ in revenue to your bank account in Q2?

This event was designed to teach experienced service-based business owners how to make growth predictable. Join Deb for just 45 minutes a day!

May 16 - 20, 2022 - APPLY HERE

October 12 - October 14, 2022 - APPLY HERE

While gender diversity is recognized as a hallmark of the most successful organizations, studies - including “Women Rising: the Unseen Barriers” reported in HBR* - reveal that gender bias continues to exist in most organizations. This program will provide participants with transformational communication skills, executive presence, and powerful leadership strategies while transforming mindset and behaviors that may hold women back from both contributing fully and moving up in the organization.

Propel your career forward with this highly interactive 3-day program presented by The George Washington University Center for Excellence in Public Leadership. Designed for women leaders in the private and public sectors who aspire to positions of greater influence and impact or have been identified as high-potential in their organizations, this breakthrough program will provide new strategies and tactics for you to take the lead and succeed at higher levels.

Whatever the organizational climate, key actions and behaviors learned in this program will create better leaders:

  1. Leading with vision and purpose

  2. Building trusted relationships and influential networks

  3. Language, voice, and leadership presence

  4. Powerful conversations to build trust and ensure accountability and engagement

  5. Negotiate with skill and ease

  6. The mindfulness of confidence

  7. The courage to lead, speak up and be heard

Participants will have the opportunity to network and build community with guest speakers and participating women leaders throughout the three days.


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