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It's 'Just' Me

We need to rethink the word ‘just.’ Not as in being a just person, which is a fine use of the word, but rather the way I hear women (why is it men do not do this?) use it time and time again.

Tonight I went to a new memoir writer’s group, where a lovely women answered the door.

“Hi, I’m Christine, a new member of the group.” “Hi Christine, I’m Anna, but I’m not in the group, I’m just the other half of the man who is.” I smiled my best, I’m not an ass smile and said, “Well, I’m sure you are the other half, but not ‘just’ the other half.”

Words matter.

Then I went to get sushi after the group ended by myself.

“Just you?” the lady said when I walked in. “No,” I answered firmly. “But it is me eating alone tonight.”

Then there are the messages on my cell phone. “Hey, CM, it’s just me. Call if you want. Catch up soon!”

I’m not just one. I’m not just Sarah’s mother. Or, just visiting. Or, offering just a little something I made for dinner. Trust me, if I make anything for dinner, it’s a big deal. A big deal.

Heretofore, I think I may only use the word ‘just’ when referring to the just means to an end. I like that. Especially in today’s world when just means is not so easy to attain. Just sayin’.

Let’s make it interesting. Moving forward, if anyone I know and love and reads this blog uses ‘just’ the way I just described it when you are in my presence, you owe me $50. Ok? Just a little bet to keep you on your toes.

I also took the words ‘very’ and ‘really’ out of my vocabulary. It was a gift Trump game me when he used the words (very) often to exaggerate anything he was trying (really) trying to sell. Gifts from the strangest places much be acknowledged.


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