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Leslie Grossman & Christine Merser Talk the Strongest Women Leaders Of 2022

Leslie Grossman and Christine Merser share their picks for the Women Leaders of 2022, with a few surprises.



Leslie's choices for Women Leaders of 2022 were all agents for positive changes: Allyson Felix, the most decorated runner in US history, was a bold voice, one which led to protections for pregnant female athletes in the world of corporate sponsorships; the late Frances Hesselbein, whose career began by transforming the Girl Scouts USA into a modern, diverse, organization, and became one of most respected leadership experts in the world; and Nancy Pelosi, the first and only female speaker of the House, who stood for unpopular causes and enacted legislation supporting the well being and diversity of Americans.

Christine went back in time to Hillary Clinton, who was never on her favorites list until now. Her reasoning is interesting and challenging. Next up is Heather Cox Richardson, the historian leading the country through these dark times with perspective around what’s happening in the political news and what its historical context might be. And, her last choice, is the First Lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelensky, who risks it all each day to project the soul of the nation fighting for their right to exist. Correction: Christine, mistakenly, said Pelosi was not on list for the leaders this year. She was on the Forbes list as 25 on the Forbes 100 women list.


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