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On the Side of Fear is Freedom

Summer is usually the season when we want to feel carefree and do fun things. There’s another side of summer, too. It’s a good time to dream. It’s a very good time to be inspired by personal stories of courage. Stories about people, and especially women, stepping out of their comfort zone to change their future by taking a new job, moving to a new place or starting or growing a business.

Sitting on the beach, by the pool or just resting in a comfy chair, let your mind wander about what would life be like if you were really jazzed by your work and didn’t let fear stop you.

Olympian Allyson Felix says, “On the other side of fear is freedom.” And she wasn’t talking about the hard work it took to become the most decorated athlete, male or female, in World Athletics Championships history. She was talking about her writing an editorial which appeared in the New York Times, sharing loud and clear the disrespect and financial penalty that she and other female athletes endured during their pregnancies and postpartum competitions by their sponsor Nike. She parted ways with Nike with no alternative sponsor or financial support in the wings. That courageous action, led to Athleta offering her a partnership with full maternity protections plus branding five collections with her name. Since then, Felix also launched Saysh, her own shoe brand.

Make courage your middle name in ’23 by visioning your life and what it would take to overcome your fears.

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--Leslie Grossman, Founder, Her Circle Leadership


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