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Prepare for 2023: Set Goals & Actions Steps NOT Resolutions

If you follow these 7 steps you are guaranteed to get the New Year off to a GREAT start.

Actions to Take Before January 1st:

Step 1.

Forget the New Year's Resolutions. Start planning for 2023 next week, by setting 2- 3 goals you want to accomplish.

Step 2.

Determine what are the 3+ actions or steps you will take to reach each of those goals.

Step 3.

Prioritize those goals. Determine which one will you focus on first, then second, then third. This is important so you don't find yourself working on goals in a piecemeal fashion, UNLESS they are intertwined and it makes sense to to work on more than one goal at a time.

Actions to Take on January 1st or 2nd:

Step 4.

Make your "to-do" list and make sure you focus on your priorities and put those action steps at the TOP of the list.

Step 5.

Every day do a minimum of 2 actions to reach one of those goals. Most people do the easiest things first because they like to see more items crossed off the list. This may give you a brief 'feel good' moment but often the MOST IMPORTANT ACTION STEPS never get done. Change the way you operate. Move into action on the priorities FIRST. If you do this, you will accomplish those GOALS in shorter time then you expect.

Step 6.

Identify people in your entourage or Circle of Support who can be helpful to you in achieving your goals.

Step 7.

Set up calls, zooms, coffee etc. and share your goals and ask for their support. But before you ask for their help, ask them what their goals are for the year and share how you can help them.

STAY on this path of 7 Steps and 2023 is sure to be one of your best years ever!

If you need coaching to support you in reaching your goals, then check in with Her Circle Leadership. We have coaches certified in women's leadership that can support you on your journey.


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