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What Coaches & HR Professionals Need to Know To Attract More Women Leaders Back to the Workplace

What Coaches & HR Professionals Need to Know

To Attract More Women Leaders Back to the Workplace

After years of research and coaching executive women and entrepreneurs alike, I discovered that almost every woman who is looking to grow her career or business all share the same BARRIER. The repercussions from this one barrier create stop signs, slow driving, wrong turns and fender benders along the route to get to their desired destination. Sometimes women just stop driving, which is why many women are opting out during the Great Resignation. A new program created by Her Circle Leadership for coaches and HR training managers is designed to address women’s challenges

So what is this barrier? The barrier women face is habits -- habits that women were taught when they were little girls. Habits for which they were rewarded throughout their childhood. These very habits stop or slow them down from reaching their aspirational goals. These habits include such good girl behaviors as being quiet vs. speaking up, modesty vs confidence, being overly polite, being grateful for what they get, rather than being ambitious, and much more.

Once I realized what the barrier was, I went on a professional quest to develop the antidote to these poisonous habits, and now as an executive coach to women leaders – both executives and entrepreneurs, I teach them to my clients, companies, entrepreneurs and women enrolled in my Executive Women’s Leadership Program at The George Washington University Center for Excellence in Public Leadership.

But this is not a pitch for women to enroll in my courses, but rather this is an invitation to coaches, consultants, HR trainers and DE&I professionals to learn how to attract women back to the workplace and move more women up to higher leadership positions in organizations. By training and coaching women to create a shift to new leadership habits, their careers can soar. This is not only good for women. It is vital for the health of all organizations.

This is proven by new data compiled by global consulting firm Potential Project. It shows that employee disengagement translates into significant organizational expense. And that there is huge differences in how this shows up in women led teams versus teams led by men. The research shows that organizations save $1.43 million for every 1,000 employees when teams are led by women.

These new habits which Her Circle Leadership calls the 7 Tenets of Highly Effective Women Leaders, will be revealed at a workshop to be held on Tuesday, March 29th, 12 noon and repeated on Wednesday, March 30th, at 6pm. This complimentary workshop has been specifically developed for coaches, HR and DE&I professionals to learn how to train and coach women into creating a shift into establishing specific behaviors as new habits. These tenets or habits are already demonstrated by those women who rise up more quickly to senior positions, including the C-Suite, and grow their own businesses exponentially.

The complimentary workshops will also share information about a new women's leadership coaching certification from Her Circle Leadership and how coaches, consultants and HR/DE&I management and training officers can enroll in the Her Circle Leadership Women’s Leadership Coaching Certification program. Based on continuing results from those participating in the trainings, practicing this program not only causes a seismic shift in clients' lives, but also, in the life of those who do the training and coaching. Register here for one of the two workshops on March 29th at 12 noon or Wednesday, March 30th at 6 pm. To learn more about details for the Certification program, click here.


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