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Take a Look inside the Her Circle Leadership Women’s Leadership Coach Certification Program


Week 1 – The State of Women as Leaders/Creating a Vision & Goals

Reflecting on women’s leadership strengths and the obstacles women face navigating the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds.  How coaching and training -which is different for women- is the most effective path to support them to move forward, while being authentic. We also address the first Her Circle Leadership Tenet – Vision -  how that can be the driver of a woman’s life and career and how to guide women to discover their own vision.

Week 2 -  Leadership Presence and Mindset

Her Circle Leadership has the secret sauce to enable women to present the authentic leader they truly are, even when they have self-doubt. Mindset is at the core of our self-talk and our confidence.  We explore how to work with women to develop a growth and positive mindset and eliminate damaging mindsets, like inner criticism and perfectionism, and others that hold them back.

Week 3 – Effective Communication & Relationship Building

At the heart of all communications are conversations. Learning to communicate in a way that captures the interest and trust of the listener is the core of becoming an excellent communicator.  For women this can often be challenging due to gender norms in most workplaces. You will learn how to support women in becoming effective communicators in all situations, including at meetings. The next step is building trusted relationships with influencers who can open doors and potentially collaborate with for a lifetime. We share the steps to take to transform the ‘boy’s network’ into the ‘people’s network.’ 

Week 4  - Courage and Confidence

Training and coaching women to overcome the fear that often stops them from taking credit, raising their hand and applying for new roles is at the heart of creating a courageous and confident leader. Women can learn to overcome fear and bring their focus to achieving the goal and vision for their organization and for themselves.

Elective Workshop One:  Men and Women Together - Courageous Conversations (Available to Certified Her Circle Leadership Coaches)

Understanding the difference in how women and men think and make decisions, sheds light on effective collaboration between the genders to achieve the organization’s goals, as well as one’s individual goals. Becoming more sensitive to our differences and learning how to guide ‘courageous’ conversations between men and can can be a major breakthrough to both your female and male clients and the entire organization.  

To register for this elective workshop, email Leslie Grossman

Elective Workshop Two: The Consciously Inclusive Leader; Becoming a Thought Leader (Available to Certified Her Circle Leadership Coaches)

Becoming a more aware coach, facilitator and trainer is critical to building your personal brand, your career and your reputation. Being able to work with both women and men to help them become aware of their inclusivity, exclusivity, micro-aggressions and unconscious bias is critical to be the empathetic and strong leaders that our times require. This workshop also addresses how to use one’s certification to grow your career by becoming a thought leader.

To register for this elective workshop, email Leslie Grossman

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