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Jessica Velasco

Certified Circle Leadership Coach
Coutney Spritzer
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Jessica Araneta Velasco (she/her) is a consultant, educator, facilitator, and an inclusive leader on a mission to create an inclusive society, while empowering people of color to thrive in their personal and professional lives. Jessica’s expertise ranges from non-profit, education, and tech space, focusing on inclusive work cultures with diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging lens. As a mission driven leader, Jessica allows executive leaders, managers, and individual contributors to lean into their vulnerability as she creates psychological safe spaces wherever she leads. Jessica has worked with clients globally expanding from Europe to Asia and all throughout the US. 

Today, Jessica is passionate about highlighting individuality, dismantling the status quo, and advocating mental health through coaching, mentoring, and developing talent. As a facilitator, Jessica allows individuals to feel welcomed and included by supporting individuals to let go of fear and develop a growth mindset together. Jessica spends her time and talents supporting AAPI entrepreneurs through ACE NextGen and FYLPRO (Filipino Youth Leaders Program). She is a proud mother to a four-year-old adopted Goldendoodle.

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