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Her Circle Leadership Training Programs

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The Value of Having an Entourage : Leslie Grossman at TEDxStLouis


Women’s Her Circle Leadership Coaching Certificate: Foundation Program 

Designed for qualified coaches, consultants, trainers in HR / Learning & Development / Talent Management .


This program provides knowledge, content, training, facilitation techniques and exercises based on the research and teachings of Leslie Grossman and respected experts in women’s leadership. 


Women Leaders Creating Their Future Foundation Program Certificate

Designed for executives and entrepreneurs. 


Participants will discover the leader within and upon completion with have the tools needed to take control of their career or business in order to achieve their personal vision and goals. They will learn how to apply the Her Circle Leadership Foundation Tenets into their work and personal life in a live online course.


Women’s Leadership Circle of Support

For executives and entrepreneurs.


No one succeeds alone. Each of us needs a circle of support from peers, who become trusted advisors and connectors.  Inner Circle members share their challenges and opportunities with input and advice from other Circle members and an experienced coach who facilitates the monthly meetings.


Private Coaching  for Women Leaders Creating Their Future

For executives and entrepreneurs.


Created for executives and entrepreneurs who want to fast-track their vision and goals.  Participants will be coached to apply the Her Circle Leadership foundation tenets into their career life and personal life.  Coaches assigned have completed the Her Circle Leadership Foundation Women’s Leadership Training program and have been certified by Circle Leadership. 

Get contacted when the programs are ready to launch! 

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