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Happy February 15th!

I am starting a new holiday which occurs the day after Valentine's Day.

It's called Love Yourself Day. Women need this holiday more than any other holiday. (But you men, should participate, too.) No need to give or get gifts, flowers or chocolates. Here's how we celebrate it. You start the day of Feb. 15th by saying (or writing) to yourself an affirmation like "I love myself because I am.........."

Then you write a list of all the things that make you who you are. The headline for the list is: "I love myself and will take care of myself because of all these reasons."

Here's a few ideas: Write a long list (at least 12 - 35 things that you like about your personality, your body, your face, your hair, you abilities, the way you treat others, what you do every day to thrive and to survive, about the role you play with your family, friends, neighbors or even strangers. Maybe in your career, too. You get the idea.

Save it and put it under your pillow and read it every morning for the rest of February and see what happens to YOU!

Be sure to let me know by writing to me at

--Leslie Grossman, Founder, Her Circle Leadership


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