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It’s International Women’s Day: What Happens Now for the Other 364 Days of the Year?

Show Women You are Investing in Their Own and Your Organization’s Future

As your companies plan their annual International Women’s Day celebration, women leaders have to ask, “What happens for the rest of the year?”

“Without a real commitment and a strategy to retain, motivate, and advance a huge percentage of your organization’s workforce, the celebrations of today can become just another “feel-good”, check-the-box exercise,” according to Leslie Grossman, executive women’s leadership coach. “In my 30+ years of advocating and training women leaders, I have seen it happen. Women leaders are crying out for help.”

According to McKinsey’s 2023 update on Women in the Workplace: Breaking up to Break Through, women are continuing to leave organizations at a high rate. Reasons that women give for departing are varied. High on the list is that many women don’t feel respected. Many believe they are being overlooked to take on higher management roles. Others say they are not offered training to become leaders, and often feel unnoticed. According to Forbes Magazine: “To prevent a mass exodus from women in particular, companies need to double down on career progression for employees with an eye toward internal mobility and skills development.”

The Global Workforce of the Future reports that 77% of workers say they have a skills gap, while only 36% of non-managers say their company invests in their skills. By failing to prioritize career conversations and professional development employers are at risk of low employee satisfaction and high turnover rates.

The time is NOW to invest in your women employees. The women’s leadership programs at The George Washington University's Center for Excellence in Public Leadership offers two such experiences for rising and senior level women leaders, available in a live online format:

  • Women Leaders on the Rise (#WRISE), April 3-4, 2023, gives high-potential emerging women leaders the tools to enable management success, while addressing limiting beliefs that often hold them back. This program is specifically designed for first-time managers and women who have the aptitude and interest in taking on management roles.

    • Online

  • Executive Women's Leadership (#EWLP), March 29-31 and October 18-20, is designed for experienced executives who have potential for greater leadership responsibilities. Topics covered include executive presence, communication skills, and leadership strategies to propel one's career forward! During the 3-day experience participants also have the opportunity to network and build community with guest speakers and program alumna.

Get more information here. Mention “CommPRO” when applying to receive a 10% discount on the program tuition. Offer eligible through Mar 29, 2023.

--Leslie Grossman, Founder, Her Circle Leadership


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