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Make August Your Month of Resilience

Never give up.

We’ve all been there.

Things may look bleak.

Don’t give up.

You are working so hard. It seems like it will never get better.

Don’t believe it.

You read the news and are depressed and fearful.

It will get better.

We will get through this…together.

You have survived in the past…even thrived.

Remind yourself.

Past experiences were difficult, some seemed never-ending, even heart-wrenching.

You recovered.

We teach our children: When you fall down, pick yourself up and try again.

Remind yourself and practice this every day.

Sometimes we fall down…when we do..

Take a long, deep breath, and

Take positive actions to turn your challenges around…

This is called resilience.

We all can be resilient!

--Leslie Grossman, Founder, Her Circle Leadership


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