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Her Circle Leadership Newsletter - September

We recently celebrated two holidays - Women's Equality Day (marking the passing of the 19th Amendment in 1920 giving women the right to vote) and Labor Day (marking better working conditions in 1894, ie. the 40 hour work week).

Since then, not much has changed for our workforce -- especially for women.Isn't it time for a new holiday in the 21st century? Though before we celebrate, much must change in the workplace - especially for women.

When it comes to women and work, we can't seem to get ahead. After all, we learned a lot from working through the pandemic.

Here's some of what we learned documented by numerous sources:

-Workers are most productive while working remotely from their homes. (Prodoscore Research, 2020)

- Women are more effective leaders than most men due to their empathetic, supportive, and collaborative leadership traits. (Zenger Folkman, 2022)

- Flexibility is one of the most valued benefits of work for women. (Abacus Data, 2023)

- Affordable childcare and paid parental leave are necessary to maximize our workforce; and their lack thereof is a major cause of stress. (Gallup, 2021)

- Relationship-building is critical to professional success. (Connected Commons, 2020)

- Even when earnings are similar, husbands spend more time on paid work​ and leisure, while wives devote more time to caregiving and housework.​ (Pew Research, 2023)

- Women are more at risk for mental health issues than men. (World Health Organization, 2022)

- For all of the above reasons, flexible, hybrid work is the most ideal work-style for both employees and companies (WFH Research, 2023)

The evidence is clear. Today's model for work - especially for women - must change. Technology has made major change within our reach.

If 50% of C-suite leaders and CEOs were women; and 50% of Board of Director members were women, we would have the best chance for moving the workplace into the 21st century to benefit all workers - women and men.

Perhaps it's time to organize AGAIN. What role will you take in making this critical change possible – so we can all celebrate Labor Day 2.0.

--Leslie Grossman, Founder, Her Circle Leadership


Her Circle News

Women Were Hunters, Too. And So Are You!

For decades research papers and books told us that “going back to early humans, men were hunters and women were gatherers.” This gave evidence to the belief that women have always had a specific role and women today should stick to “their natural role”. Now there's evidence to the contrary. Read about the new study from a team from University of Washington and Seattle Pacific University published in NPR.

Fair Play Cards:

Are Your Household Chores and Family Responsibilities Balanced?

If the answer is maybe a no, or somewhere in-between yes and no, read about a new card game can that change all that and give each partner a fair share of the household responsibilities.


Her Circle News


New podcast episode of “Pink Grapefruit” from Her Circle Coaches

Kathy Opp and Deanna Brown, Principles at K2HOSolutions Consulting, featuring HCL Founder Leslie Grossman

Leslie Grossman shares her insights, knowledge and expertise as she lives her vision of lifting women to realize the empowering careers they dream of. Lesliehas extensive experience in developing women to build their confidence, mindsets, and voices.

The Inner Circle's Christine Merser has recently rebranded her company to Blue2 Media (you can read the story here), and with this exciting new chapter, Blue2 is running a series of events covering everything from currents trends to holiday gifting ideas to social media planning and so much more. Christine recently read in a recent poll that 59% of CMO's (Chief Marketing Officers) said that AI is the most important trend in marketing for 2023, with nothing else coming close. So, of course, AI became the subject of the September workshop.

You will leave understanding how to use AI without being overwhelmed. You will leave with a list of which platforms are right for your business. And, most importantly, you will have the confidence to get started on something that isn't going to be optional for your future success. If you'd like to attend, send the Blue2 team an email to let them know you want a place and which session you'd like to attend.

Her Circle Leadership Coach Cary Broussard is offering her valuable course Sustainability and Social Impact which begins in October.

Her Circle Leadership Coach, Rebecca Brooks, also the founder of The Brooks Group PR, combines coaching with public relations. She welcomes to her client roster Robert Irvine, a world-class chef and entrepreneur, and a tireless philanthropic supporter of our nation's military. Robert became most known as host of Food Network's hit series "Restaurant: Impossible" in which he gave struggling restaurateurs a second chance to turn their lives and businesses around in over 300+ episodes to date.


Upcoming Events

October 18 – 20, 2023 available on Zoom

This is the 11th cohort and there are still a few more spots left in this limited attendance program lead by Leslie Grossman with outstanding guest speakers. Change your world and your impact by enrolling in this 3-day intensive, which Is followed by a monthly Mastermind.


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